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As the largest private funder of pancreatic cancer research, we are relentlessly focused on improving patient outcomes and we are making progress every day. Thanks to separate funding to support administrative expenses, 100 percent of every donation goes directly to research.

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We are here to empower you to ask bold questions, seek out the best treatment options, and face the unique challenges of pancreatic cancer head-on. We want to give you the resources and information you need to make informed decisions that are best for you.

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August 1, 2018 ladmin
As overwhelming as a pancreatic cancer diagnosis is, it is important to act quickly and put a treatment plan into place. Treatment should ideally begin within one month after you receive your diagnosis. Understand your disease. Thoroughly understand what stage of pancreatic cancer you have and inquire about having your blood and tumor genetically sequenced. […]
Lets Win! Pancreatic Cancer

Let’s Win! Pancreatic Cancer

July 20, 2018 ladmin
LET’S WIN! Pancreatic Cancer A Dynamic Way to Share Information Recognizing that there is an urgent need for patients to communicate amongst themselves and with the medical community about potentially life-changing treatments and clinical trials, we are proud to be affiliated with Let’s Win. Let’s Win is an interactive online community where patients and families […]

Pancreatic Cancer Connections

July 7, 2018 ladmin
Pancreatic Cancer Connections is online social community that provides a safe space for pancreatic cancer patients and their loved ones to share their experiences, get valuable coping resources, and support one another. Patients interact with others who are facing a pancreatic cancer and can post questions to the board or message other members privately. This community forum is a valuable resource for patients, caregivers, and their loved ones to refer to at various stages of their treatment and recovery. Patients and loved ones can sign up for Pancreatic Cancer Connections at no cost and will be welcomed into an engaging and supportive community to discuss topics including treatment options, nutrition, and coping with the disease. Pancreatic Cancer Connections is hosted by Inspire, a leading healthcare social network that connects more than 1,000,000 patients and caregivers.

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Lustgarten Foundation receives $434,0000 grant

Lustgarten Foundation receives $434,0000 grant establishing the Gail V. Coleman and Kenneth M. Bruntel Organoids for Personalized Therapy Project
Devastated by the loss of her husband Kenneth Bruntel to pancreatic cancer, Gail Coleman is laser-focused on funding research offering hope and better treatment options for patients with metastatic cancer. Coleman knows the devastation of a pancreatic cancer diagnosis all too well, having also lost her 66-year-old mother followed by her 80-year-old father to the disease. Pancreatic cancer is considered a rare disease; that Coleman lost three of the people most precious to her to this cancer is wrenching. “I was very upset to learn there were still no good treatments for people with stage four pancreatic cancer when Ken was diagnosed,” Coleman said. “After Ken died, I spent a lot of time educating myself about pancreatic cancer research and decided to use Ken’s retirement fund to help advance this research. I concluded that translational research—which moves research from the laboratory to the clinic—offers the best chance for giving future patients some meaningful time after diagnosis. It also was important to me to invest in a project where our gift could make the most impact.”

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Interview With An Expert

Interview With An Expert Clinical Trials Update
Q&A with Allyson J. Ocean, M.D. Clinical trials are scientific experiments that move medicine forward to help people live longer and live well. Clinical trials are the backbone of advancing medicine, and in some instances, a clinical trial can lead to a cure for a disease. They involve rigorous study and are designed to answer many questions including if a potential treatment is safe, if it works, how it works, if it is more effective than other treatments currently available, if there are any side effects and which patients will benefit most from a particular treatment. Before any new cancer treatment is tested in people, it is studied extensively in the laboratory.

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New Fellowships Honor Icons of Civil & Gender Rights

PROGRAM INFORMATION Each year, more than 45,000 Americans are lost to pancreatic cancer—parents, grandparents, siblings, children, friends and other beloved members of our communities. And because pancreatic cancer does not discriminate, it also claims the lives of national figures whose loss is felt not only by their immediate family members and friends but by the entire country and even around the world. Unfortunately, 2020 saw the loss of two such figures to pancreatic cancer: Civil Rights icon and 17-term Georgia Congressman John Lewis on Friday, July 17 and Equal Rights champion and longtime U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday, Sept. 18.

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Pancreatic Cancer News

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Mutant Gene-Targeted Immunotherapy Approach Developed

1. 3. 21 ladmin
A novel targeted immunotherapy approach developed by researchers at the Ludwig Center, the Lustgarten Laboratory, and Bloomberg~Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center employs new antibodies against genetically altered proteins to target cancers. The researchers targeted their immunotherapy approach to alterations in the common cancer-related p53 tumor suppressor gene, the RAS tumor-promoting oncogene or T-cell receptor […]

Molecular imaging scientist recognized as one of the top biomedical engineers in U.S.

23. 2. 21 ladmin
UC Davis professor of biomedical engineering and hematology/oncology Julie Sutcliffe has been elected to the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) College of FellowsJulie Sutcliffe, UC Davis professor of biomedical engineering and hematology/oncology Julie Sutcliffe, UC Davis professor of biomedical engineering and hematology/oncology Sutcliffe was elected by members of the College of Fellows […]

RNA Precision Trial for Pancreatic Cancer Opens At Columbia

9. 2. 21 ladmin
In recent years there has been a movement toward so-called precision medicine in cancer treatment. For pancreatic cancer patients and others with different forms of cancer, precision medicine means using drugs to target specific mutations in genes in hopes of slowing disease progression. For some cancers, such as certain forms of lung cancer, this targeted […]

Drug Developed by Georgia State Researcher Is Promising Against Pancreatic and Breast Cancers Drug Developed by Georgia State Researcher Is Promising Against Pancreatic and Breast Cancers

9. 2. 21 ladmin
ProAgio, a drug developed by Georgia State University biology professor Zhi-Ren Liu and his team, is effective at treating pancreatic cancer and prolonging survival in mice, according to a study published in the journal Cellular and Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepatology. A second study, published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, shows the drug is also effective against triple-negative breast […]

CAR T cells targeting the CEACAM7 protein show promise in pancreatic cancer

25. 1. 21 ladmin
CAR T cells modified to recognise CEACAM7 were able to eliminate pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cells in a late-stage model without toxic effects on healthy tissue. Researchers have identified and validated a promising protein target that could be used in novel chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapies for pancreatic cancer. According to the team, this is […]

Scientists unveil a promising new strategy for combating pancreatic cancer

16. 12. 20 ladmin
A DNA mutation that occurs frequently in the development of many pancreatic tumors appears to make these cancers vulnerable to an existing type of drug known as PARP inhibitors, according to a new study from scientists in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. The discovery, published in Science Advances, centers on a […]

Compound derived from thunder god vine could help pancreatic cancer patients

14. 12. 20 ladmin
The results of a pre-clinical study led by researchers at the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), an affiliate of City of Hope, suggest how a compound derived from the thunder god vine — an herb used in China for centuries to treat joint pain, swelling and fever — is able to kill cancer cells and […]

Disrupting the Cellular Process That Promotes Pancreatic Cancer’s Deadly Growth

8. 12. 20 ladmin
esearchers say they’ve identified a way to disrupt a process that promotes the growth of pancreatic cancers — one of the most difficult and deadly cancers to treat. The team, led by scientists at Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center and including investigators from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, STCube and Fluidigm, published their findings today in […]

Nerves keep pancreatic cancer cells from starving

2. 11. 20 ladmin
Pancreatic cancer cells avert starvation by signaling to nerves, which grow into dense tumors and secrete nutrients. This is the finding of a study with experiments in cancer cells, mice, and human tissue samples published online November 2 in Cell. The study addresses pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC), the deadliest cancer of the pancreas with a five-year […]

State Capitol goes purple Sunday to raise awareness about pancreatic cancer

29. 10. 20 ladmin
South Dakota’s State Capitol turns purple Sunday (Nov. 1) to honor those who have died from, as well as those who have survived, pancreatic cancer. The seventh annual Light the Capitol Purple for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness ceremony starts at 3pm CT in the Capitol Rotunda in Pierre. Organizer John Moisan of Fort Pierre is a […]

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