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Pancreatic Cancer and Genetics: Is There Genetic Testing for Pancreatic Cancer Patients?

According to the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN)’s 2019 Clinical Practice Guidelines, all pancreatic cancer patients should undergo genetic or germline testing for inherited genetic mutations, regardless of family history. Under these new recommendations, this testing should be done by a physician and the cost should be covered by insurance. The Lustgarten Foundation also encourages [...]

Interview with an Expert: Immunotherapy Update

About Our Expert: Elizabeth M. Jaffee, M.D., is an internationally recognized expert in pancreatic cancer and immunotherapy research. She is the Deputy Director at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins and an Associate Director of the Bloomberg-Kimmel Institute for Immunotherapy. Dr. Jaffee serves as the Chief Medical Advisor for the Lustgarten Foundation as [...]

Immunotherapy As a Treatment Option For Pancreatic Cancer

Immunotherapy is touted as the pancreatic cancer treatment option of the future. It involves using a person’s own immune system to fight and destroy cancer cells and is considered by many leading researchers to represent the future of cancer treatment. While immunotherapy has been successful in treating other diseases, only recently have we made breakthroughs [...]

AACR Highlights: Monday, September 9

AACR Highlights: Monday, September 9 Cancer cells divide uncontrollably resulting in a flood of new tumor cells and this uncontrolled metabolic wave requires energy. But metabolism is altered in pancreatic cancer and scientists are trying to understand the molecular underpinnings of the nutrients of choice for various cell types. These new insights into cancer metabolism [...]

Interview with an expert: Radiation therapy update

Radiation oncologist Joseph Herman, M.D., is the Director of Clinical Research Integration and Vice Chair of Clinical Informatics in Radiation Medicine at Northwell Health  In the treatment of pancreatic cancer, radiation therapy (also known as radiotherapy), which involves a radiologist aiming a high dose of radiation toward a patient’s tumor to attack the cancerous cells, [...]
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