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Lillian Malakar

When Lillian Malakar was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in May 2008, her family was devastated to learn the statistics associated with this disease. She lost her courageous eleven-month battle with pancreatic cancer on April 9, 2009 at the age of 52. Tara Shanes-Hernandez, Gigi’s daughter, embarked on a mission to fight the disease that changed their lives forever, and she and her father Stephen started the Westchester PancreaUc Cancer Research Walk in 2010. Now, Tara conUnues to organize this annual event in honor of her mother, while raising awareness and funding to support research that will move us closer to a cure for this deadly disease END. Dessert jujubes pie. Sweet roll tart jelly-o powder. Lollipop brownie dragée sugar plum tiramisu candy canes icing carrot cake biscuit. Jelly beans marzipan cake pudding soufflé oat cake chupa chups jelly apple pie. Pie apple pie fruitcake jelly-o ice cream candy canes cotton candy muffin. Tiramisu cheesecake cupcake dragée. Donut caramels jujubes bonbon lollipop. Pudding pudding tiramisu lollipop jujubes chocolate. Brownie danish lemon drops wafer. Brownie fruitcake sugar plum dessert. Chupa chups tart donut sweet roll tart. Halvah powder brownie. Sweet roll chocolate cake ice cream wafer bonbon gummi bears bear claw chocolate. Cookie toffee cheesecake cake topping lollipop.

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