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Meet Jeffrey and Jodi Pliskin

Meet Jeffrey and Jodi Pliskin, members of Partners in Progress. Jodi was devastated when she lost her grandmother and her father to pancreatic cancer and realized her family medical history may put her at an increased risk for the disease as well. After undergoing early detection testing and having a pre-cancerous pancreatic cyst removed, Jodi and her husband Jeffrey decided to support the Lustgarten Foundation’s groundbreaking work to advance pancreatic cancer research and to transform pancreatic cancer into a curable disease.

The Pliskins recently doubled their monthly giving amount, committing even more funds to end pancreatic cancer. They share their story below:

Why did you become Partners in Progress?
We started giving monthly because our family has been so impacted by this disease and we feel like we should support this urgent mission. We really enjoyed receiving correspondence and participating in the Lustgarten Foundation’s walks and events, and providing monthly support was a logical next step. Most importantly, by giving monthly we feel like we are always giving and that’s very important to us!

Your support funds a wide range of research, discovery and innovation. What part of our work is most important to you?
Research makes all the difference! We can already see that major breakthroughs are being made. Survival rates for pancreatic cancer are slowly rising but we still have a long way to go. Because of the Lustgarten’s Foundation’s dedication to research, early detection of the disease is more possible than ever. We believe early detection is critical to increasing survival rates and eventually curing this devastating disease.

What would you say to your fellow Partners in Progress, if you could meet them?
Thank you for joining us in supporting the Lustgarten Foundation’s research efforts that could one day lead to a cure. This disease is taking our friends, family and loved ones more often than it should. We welcome you to the circle of monthly givers and thank you for your generosity.

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