Melissa Roeters - Lustgarten Foundation: Pancreatic Cancer Research

Melissa Roeters

Turning June into an Inspiring Time

In June 2009, I lost my father to pancreatic cancer and quickly learned how important early detection and awareness of this disease are. The combination of research, a clinical trial, and my dad’s amazing oncologist gave us all hope and allowed my father to survive 26 months after his diagnosis.

Every year, Dad and I used to share a special week together in June, celebrating his birthday, my birthday and Father’s Day. When I decided to partner with the Lustgarten Foundation and start a walk in Seattle, I knew that it needed to take place in June to help turn such a difficult month into a more inspiring time. Now, each June will represent hope and a way to honor my father’s legacy. Our inaugural walk in 2018 raised more money than we could’ve hoped for, and it inspired me to continue raising awareness and research funds for this disease.

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