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Stand Up To Cancer Telecast

A Proud Moment

Lustgarten ResearchWe were so proud to be highlighted during the sixth bi-annual SU2C telecast.   Patients like Lidia motivate and inspire us each and every day.  The words that Katie Couric spoke were so powerful and true.  Pancreatic Cancer is personal.  That is why we created the Pancreatic Cancer Collective.  Through our collaboration, we have funded NINE pancreatic cancer research teams.  And later this fall, for the first time, we will be funding teams to use Artificial Intelligence to learn how to find pancreatic cancer at much earlier stages than it has been typically diagnosed.

Since 2012, the Lustgarten Foundation and Stand Up To Cancer have built a robust and illustrious collaboration jointly funding more than 200 investigators across 30 leading research centers in both the United States and United Kingdom. These efforts include four of SU2C’s signature Dream Teams as well as five Research Teams, including two Convergence Teams bringing together computational experts with clinical oncologists. Cancer Interception, research supporting the earliest diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, even before the cancer may have fully formed is the focus of one of the Dream Teams and one of the Research Teams. All told, these collaborative teams have planned, started or completed 23 clinical trials. The Pancreatic Cancer Collective will build on this momentum and push the boundaries of what can be accomplished even further.

Pancreatic Cancer CollectiveThrough the Collective, we will create a dynamic and fluid network to engage and influence medical institutions, researchers, companies, aligned to achieve something bigger and more meaningful, in particular to:

  • Inspire collaboration among people who haven’t worked together
  • Spread funding to new centers
  • Improve diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer using big data
  • Find new medicines for Pancreatic Cancer
  • Utilize the breadth and expertise of existing Teams and researchers supported by SU2C and the Lustgarten Foundation to support new investigators coming into the field, building expertise and capacity for additional research.

Learn more about the Collective.

Stand Up To Cancer Telecast

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