Using Social Media for Fundraising

Did you know the average person checks Facebook at least 14 times a day? A recent Pew poll found  70% of people engaged with Facebook on a daily basis, with 49% engaging several times a day. With numbers like that, it’s clear social media is a great way to connect with potential donors, recruit for your team fundraiser or garner interest for your upcoming community event.

Tell Your Story and Make it Personal

Use the power of storytelling to share your message. Take people on a journey with images, heartfelt stories and videos. Talk about the impact pancreatic cancer has had on your life, or the life of a loved one. People tend to engage with honest, open dialogue, so let them feel your passion. Let people know the difference their donation or participation will make in the lives of everyone affected by pancreatic cancer.

Leverage Your Networks

You can use YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and even Snapchat to share your story far and wide. Tap into your networks for fundraising or recruiting. You’d be surprised by how many people may be interested in supporting you.

Make Your Messages Shareable 

Use hashtags to get more eyes on your content and engage with people who have similar interests. Have a relatable message with a clear request and be sure to share the link to your fundraising page. Remember to tag your friends, family and online community in your posts and encourage them to share your message on their platforms, too.

Post Often

Post regularly on your social channels—and at the right times—to maximize reach. When is the right time? Whenever your contacts are active online! It’s also important not to ask for money every time. Provide updates on your fundraising efforts or share some inspiring news related to pancreatic cancer research. 42% of donors don’t give on their first visit to a fundraising page. These messages will serve to remind those who have yet to make a donation.

Tag the Lustgarten Foundation

Use our handle in your posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @LustgartenFDN. On Linkedin you can tag us in your posts: The Lustgarten Foundation.

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