If you’ve never raised funds for a cause before, it might feel intimidating at first. But fundraising is easier than you think! You may be surprised at how generous people can be when you are asking them to support a cause that is important to you. Everyone has been touched by cancer in some way and your donors will be happy to know  every dollar you raise funds the very best pancreatic cancer research. Thanks to your efforts, we are making progress in the fight against this devastating disease.

Here are some ideas to help you get started. You can also find all of the resources listed below in your Supporter Dashboard.

Tell Your Story

People respond to stories that touch their heart. Personalize your fundraising page and write compelling emails and social media posts. Be confident in telling your story. As any successful fundraiser will tell you, telling your story is the best way to inspire others to donate. Here are some guidelines to help you share your story:

Make a List

Compose a list of everyone  you’d like to reach out to. Decide whether you’re asking for donations, recruiting for your team or trying to gain sponsors for your event.

Connect with Your Community

Use a variety of methods to communicate like email, social media, text messaging, letters and the phone. Think about how you typically interact with your contacts and then start out by reaching out to them in that way.

Offer Regular Updates

Keep your supporters aware of your progress. Not only is this a way of showing people what you’re doing, it also acts as a reminder to those who have yet to donate. Don’t be afraid to send updates that don’t tie directly back to your fundraising progress. Share your pancreatic cancer story, Lustgarten research updates, information on the event you’re hosting or even how your training is going if you are participating in an athletic event.

Say Thank You

The final crucial step is thanking your donors. Send a thank you note to everyone who donated. Recognizing people’s generosity lets them know how much their support means to you.

How to Raise $500 in 10 Days

The key to success is simple: make the ask. Tell your friends, family and colleagues why you want to help the Lustgarten Foundation raise critical funds and awareness for our mission. And be sure to remind them 100% of their donations fund pancreatic cancer research.

  • Day 1 – Set up your fundraising campaign page and explore all the tools available in your Supporter Dashboard. Then make your own donation to kick things off.
  • Day 2 – Ask three family members to donate $25 or more.
  • Day 3 – Ask five friends to donate $20 each. Your Supporter Dashboard is a great resource for sample fundraising messages you can use if you need some help asking for support.
  • Day 4 – Share your page on social media. Once you get the word out, you’ll be surprised at who will support you—a high school friend, a college roommate or a former co-worker.
  • Day 5 – Ask a business you regularly frequent to donate $25. If they can’t donate cash, ask if they’d be willing to donate a gift card you can use as a raffle or incentive for your donors.
  • Day 6 – Ask five co-workers to sponsor you for $20 each. See if your company offers a matching gift program to really drive up your donations.
  • Day 7 – Speaking of your employer, why not request a company contribution of $100 or more? Lustgarten has great event sponsorship packages.
  • Day 8 – Choose five people from your gym, your child’s school or local community group and ask for a donation of $10 each.
  • Day 9 – Ask someone whose cause you have supported for $25 or more. People are often very happy to reciprocate. 
  • Day 10 – Send a campaign update to everyone you’ve reached out to who has yet to donate. Showing them the progress you are making as a friendly reminder to demonstrate their support.

Before you know it your campaign will be on the way to reaching $500!

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