Research Priorities

Our singular focus is improving patient outcomes. Research is fundamental to making that a reality.

Our comprehensive research program focuses on early detection and interception, therapeutic development, and personalized medicine so that we can bring the most cutting-edge science from the lab bench to the clinic, where it can be tested on patients, with the goal of giving patients a better quality of life and hope for a cure.

Early Detection and Interception

Early detection and interception will develop and deliver tools enabling early diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer. We will do this by advancing the optimization of biomarkers enabling early detection in the general population, approaches for risk assessment and management of high-risk groups, and treatments that stop pancreatic cancer before it starts – intercepting disease at the pre-cancer stage.

Therapeutic Development

Therapeutic development projects aim to accelerate the progression of therapies. We will do this by identifying novel drug targets based on the understanding of the biology of pancreatic cancer initiation and progression, pushing forward preclinical and clinical testing of novel drugs and combinations, and advancing clinical testing of novel drugs, surgical and ablative approaches, and combination treatments.

Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine efforts strive to implement a personalized medicine program by better characterizing and understanding the heterogeneity of pancreatic cancer and developing tools to guide treatment decisions matching the right treatment to the right patient at the right time.

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