Cancer of the Pancreas Screening Study (CAPS)

CAPS is for those considered at high risk for pancreatic cancer due to a family history or genetic mutation. Participants are offered genetic counseling and pancreatic screening. Screenings may include a combination of endoscopic ultrasonography, MRI, and CT scans. 

Patient in an MRI machine for a screening study

The CAPS study is taking place at Case Comprehensive Cancer Center; Columbia University Medical Center; Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; Johns Hopkins Hospital; University of Michigan; University of Pennsylvania; University of Pittsburgh; and Yale University. Contact information for each participating center is below:

Case Comprehensive Cancer Center

Nancy Furrey,
RN Phone: 216.844.3217
[email protected]

Columbia University Medical Center

Fay Kastrinos,
M.D. Phone: 212.305.9337
[email protected]

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Chinedu Ukaegbu, MBBS, MPH
Phone: 617.632.6355
[email protected]
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Johns Hopkins Hospital

Hilary Cosby, RN, CGRN
Phone: 410.502.2893
[email protected]

University of Michigan

Elena Stoffel, M.D.
[email protected]
Richard Kwon, M.D.
[email protected]
Phone: 888.229.7408

University of Pennsylvania

Maureen Marshall, RN
Phone: 215.349.8546
[email protected]
Jordan Heiman
Phone: 215.360.0905
[email protected]
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University of Pittsburgh

Beth Dudley
[email protected]
Randall Brand, MD
Phone: 412.623.3105
[email protected]

Yale University

James Farrell, MBChB
Phone: 203-785-4796
[email protected]
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