The Shaw Lab

A Lustgarten Distinguished Lab at Salk


About the Salk Institute for Biological Studies:

Every cure has a starting point. The Salk Institute embodies Jonas Salk’s mission to dare to make dreams into reality.
Its internationally renowned and award-winning scientists explore the very foundations of life, seeking new
understandings in neuroscience, genetics, immunology, plant biology and more. The Institute is an independent nonprofit organization and architectural landmark: small by choice, intimate by nature and fearless in the face of any challenge. Be it cancer or Alzheimer’s, aging or diabetes, Salk is where cures begin.



Lab Leadership: Reuben Shaw, Ph.D.

The Salk Lab is led by four co-principal investigators: Professors Reuben Shaw, Ronald Evans, Tony Hunter and Dannielle Engle.

The Salk researchers are exploring unique and understudied areas related to diagnosing and treating pancreatic cancer: Reuben Shaw, professor in the Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory and William R. Brody Chair, explores the role of lipid metabolism. Ronald Evans, professor in the Gene Expression Laboratory and March of Dimes Chair in Molecular and Development Biology, investigates transcriptional and epigenetic targets. Tony Hunter, American Cancer Society Professor in the Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory and Renato Dulbecco Chair, will continue his renowned exploration of kinase drug targets. Dannielle Engle, assistant professor in the Regulatory Biology Laboratory, addresses vulnerabilities in glycans, carbohydrates that coat proteins and cells. Michael Downes, senior staff scientist in the Gene Expression Laboratory, will oversee the central core facility studying changes in pancreatic cancer, and developing new models and therapeutic approaches.

Research at the Lab

Drug Targeting


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