Messaging on Twitter is short (280 characters, maximum) and the feed moves very quickly, which means you can post frequently. It’s also a place where it’s acceptable and expected to connect with people outside of your personal network, so your message has the potential to reach far and wide.

Tips for Fundraising Success

  • Plan ahead – Aim to post two to four times a day, sharing the link to your fundraiser each time. Your messaging does not have to vastly change each time, but some variety may help it resonate among different audiences. 
  • Use imagery – If your link does not automatically bring up an image, upload your own image. Tweets with images are more likely to be noticed and read by users. 
  • Hashtags – According to Twitter, posts with hashtags receive 100% more engagement than those without. Why use relevant hashtags? So people with similar interests can find you. And you can use those hashtags to find others, as well. Follow those people and tag them in your tweets so they can share and engage.

Cross promote – Get more mileage out of your posts to Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or anywhere else, by tweeting them as well.

Sample Posts

  • I just registered for @lustgartenFDN’s #PancreaticCancer Research Walk where 100% of every donation goes directly to research. Will you donate to my campaign? #ResearchIsFundamental {link}
  • Every dollar I raise goes directly to research because @LustgartenFDN knows #ResearchIsFundamental Please donate! {link}
  • I’m supporting the @LustgartenFDN by hosting a #CommunityIsPower fundraiser. Join me at a {virtual game night/talent show/happy hour/online class} to support #PancreaticCancer research. To donate, visit {link}.

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