PASS-01 Trial: Predicting Tumor Response

The PASS-01 trial is a landmark study, being the first head-to-head comparison of the two standard-of-care treatment regimens for metastatic pancreatic cancer. It will include an in-depth analysis of each participant’s tumor and response to therapy. Among the many approaches being implemented in this study, researchers are using organoids to analyze pancreatic tumor biology and drug sensitivity for the first time in a clinical trial of this size.

The data generated from organoids in the PASS-01 study will help determine if this technology can predict the most effective treatment for each patient. This trial can pave the way for organoids to personalize therapies for metastatic pancreatic cancer patients.

The organoid work for the PASS-01 trial is being conducted at the state-of-the-art organoid testing facility at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, where researchers are growing and testing organoids for trial participants. Additionally, this organoid research will help determine if neither of the standard-of-care options is likely to help a patient, so a patient’s doctor can pursue a different avenue of treatment.

Enrollment is ongoing:

Trial Sites

United States, Maryland
Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, Baltimore
Contact: Daniel Laheru, MD

United States, Massachusetts
Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston
Contact: Kimberley Perez, MD

United States, New York
Northwell Health, New Hyde Park
Contact: Daniel King, MD
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Contact: Kenneth Yu, MD

Canada, British Columbia
BC Cancer Agency Vancouver, Vancouver
Contact: Suilee Quach, 604-877-6000 ext. 674826

Canada, Ontario
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Toronto
Contact: Anna Dodd, 647-539-6498, [email protected] 

“Medical research advances evidence-based medicine. It supports the quality of life of individual patients like me. It contributes to scientific advances which benefit the lives of others and future generations. We all stand on the shoulders of giants.” -PASS-01 clinical trial participant at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Canada

The PASS-01 trial research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is funded partly through the Gail V. Coleman and Kenneth M. Bruntel Organoids for Personalized Therapy Grant.

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