Request for Applications: Lustgarten Equity, Accessibility, and Diversity (LEAD) Project

Applications are due February 2, 2024
Submissions must be through ProposalCentral

  • Submission Deadline: February 2, 2024
  • Selection Notification Date: June 2024
  • Earliest Anticipated Start: July 2024

I. Purpose

Pancreatic cancer does not impact all populations equally, with significant differences in  incidence and disparities in outcomes across racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups in  the United States. Pancreatic cancer patients from minority groups are significantly underrepresented in all phases of clinical trials. This discrepancy will obscure the true disease heterogeneity and has the potential to exacerbate disparities in the development of novel therapeutics.

The Lustgarten Equity, Accessibility, and Diversity (LEAD) Project aims to increase recruitment and retention of underrepresented groups in pancreatic cancer clinical trials by supporting institutions that make intentional efforts to address barriers to participation among underrepresented groups and develop and implement specific tools to increase clinical trial participation. Support for the LEAD grant is made possible, in part, by a donation from Northwell Health Cancer Institute.

II. Description

The LEAD Project will support programs with specific, achievable, and measurable goals for increasing the recruitment and retention of patients from underrepresented minority groups in pancreatic cancer clinical trials. This call is intended to support programs that will address specific barriers to participation in clinical trials and can include efforts to expand community outreach, patient education and/or clinical recruitment staff. It is not intended for the development of new clinical trials. Proposals should come from centers that see a high volume of pancreatic cancer cases, are currently running clinical trials in pancreatic cancer, and seek to increase the participation of patients from underrepresented groups in clinical trials. We welcome collaboration with centers to meet the criteria. Proposals that engage community hospitals and other community providers are encouraged.

The LEAD Project is intended to support programs that:

  • Seek to address barriers to clinical trial participation
  • Develop and deploy specific tools and approaches to increase enrollment and diversity in trials (i.e. online programs, educational tools)
  • Identify and work with all stakeholders, including patient navigators and community health workers where appropriate, to effect measurable change in enrollment towards defined and achievable metrics for the enrollment of underrepresented patients in active pancreatic cancer clinical trials.

The LEAD Project is not intended to support:

  • New clinical trials
  • Programs at institutions that do not have active pancreatic cancer clinical trials
  • Retrospective analysis of clinical trial participation without the opportunity to test new approaches for recruitment and enrollment

III. Qualifications and Requirements of Research Investigator(s)

A. Demonstrated track record of significant contributions to the field

B. Engaged in significant efforts in diversity, equity, and inclusion in clinical research in pancreatic cancer or other relevant areas (i.e. Community‐Based Participatory Research investigator)

C. Working at or collaborating with an institution that sees a high volume of pancreatic cancer patients, has an active clinical research program with ongoing pancreatic cancer clinical trials and a patient catchment with a diverse population

D. Preference will be given to applications from institutions that can document equity and diversity in hiring and staffing for the project

E. Willingness to interact and/or collaborate with other Lustgarten Foundation‐ Funded investigators

IV. Review Process

A. Applications must be submitted through ProposalCentral by the Submission Deadline (above).

B. Applications will be competitively reviewed by a panel of peer reviewers.

C. Applicants selected for funding will be notified by the Selection Notification Date (above), with the earliest anticipated start as indicated above.

V. Incentive and Award funding program

A. Requested budgets will be considered and evaluated as part of the competitive selection process.

B. Grants up to $150,000 per year (including indirect costs) for a maximum of three years will be considered. NIH Salary Cap may be used.

C. Indirect costs may not exceed a maximum of 10% of direct costs.

D. Bi‐annual progress reports and annual financial reports will be required. Annual continuation of funding will be dependent on satisfactory progress.

E. Funded investigators will be expected to have regular interaction with Lustgarten Foundation scientific staff and will be expected to be willing to interact and/or collaborate with other investigators funded through this RFP or with the larger network of Lustgarten Foundation‐funded investigators and laboratories.

Questions regarding this program should be directed to:

Sasha Singh
Grants Manager
[email protected]

Sejin Chung, Ph.D.
Program Scientist
[email protected]

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