Lustgarten Celebrates International Women’s Day with “The Power of Persistence: Women Transforming Cancer Research and Care”

Posted On Mar 14, 2024

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Lustgarten Celebrates International Women’s Day with “The Power of Persistence: Women Transforming Cancer Research and Care”

On Tuesday, March 12, 2024,  we celebrated International Women’s Day at the prestigious Salk Institute for Biological Studies for “The Power of Persistence: Women Transforming Cancer Research & Care.” This symposium boasted a powerhouse program featuring some of the most influential scientists in cancer research today. Chaired by Elizabeth Jaffee, this exciting symposium fostered collaboration, mentorship, and the exchange of ideas. By providing a platform for sharing experiences, challenges, and successes, the event encouraged participants to forge lasting connections and alliances that contribute to the continued advancement of cancer research and care.

WATCH: The Power of Persistence – Opening Remarks

Lustgarten CEO Linda Tantawi and Salk Cancer Center Executive Director Leona Flores welcome guests and kick off the symposium.

WATCH: Session 1: The Heart and Science of Innovation

Moderated by Salk Associate Professor Diana Hargreaves, this session illuminates the gap between the heart’s intrinsic connection to ingenuity and the scientific principles that give rise to revolutionary ideas. Speakers:

  • Marina Pasca di Magliano, University of Michigan
  • Lisa Coussens, Oregon Health and Science University

WATCH: Session 2: The Lustgarten Foundation Career Development Award Lecture in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Established in 2021, The Lustgarten Foundation – American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Career Development Awards for Pancreatic Cancer Research in Honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and John Robert Lewis, celebrates the legacies of Justice Ginsburg and Congressman Lewis, both of whom died of pancreatic cancer in 2020. The Awards support the work of early-career female researchers and underrepresented minority researchers in pancreatic cancer research, ensuring a diverse and inclusive research community. Ashley Kiemen of Johns Hopkins University and 2023 Career Development awardee gives her remarks.

WATCH: Session 3: Fireside Chat

This thought-provoking session, Daring to Fail, delves into the personal and professional journeys of Elizabeth (Liz) Jaffee and Margaret Tempero, exploring their experiences, challenges, and, most importantly, their courageous willingness to embrace “failure(s)” as a steppingstone to success.

WATCH: Session 4: Zen and the Art of Lab Leadership

Moderated by Salk Assistant Professor Christina Towers, this session delves into the nuanced world of lab management and provide insights into creating an environment that nurtures creativity, fosters collaboration, and drives exceptional scientific outcomes.

  • Dannielle Engle, Salk Institute
  • Stephanie Dougan, Dana Farber Cancer Center
  • Julie Sutcliffe, UC Davis Health

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