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Corporate Partners, like you, give patients hope and allow researchers to make strides in the pancreatic cancer landscape for future generations. The Lustgarten Foundation encourages brands and companies to apply to become a Corporate Partner and direct a percentage of their sales to pancreatic cancer research.

Guidelines for Corporate Partners:
• Interested Corporate Partners should complete an application and describe the nature of their business and the products they will be selling to benefit the Foundation.
• Applications will be reviewed as they are submitted to determine if they are in alignment with the Foundation’s mission and in accordance with the New York Attorney General Guideline for cause-related programs.
• Only verified Corporate Partners will be allowed to use the Lustgarten Foundation’s logo.
• The Lustgarten Foundation cannot promote or endorse businesses or products on behalf of Corporate Partners.
• Corporate Partners must make a minimum (monthly? Yearly?) donation irrespective of sales to maintain partnership status.

For more information, please review the Partnership FAQ page.

If you have any questions, please email: XXXX

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