New Report: ACS Cancer Facts & Figures 2024 report five-year relative survival rate for pancreatic cancer increased to 13%

Posted On Jan 18, 2024

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New Report: ACS Cancer Facts & Figures 2024 report five-year relative survival rate for pancreatic cancer increased to 13%

The American Cancer Society (ACS) has released its Cancer Facts & Figures 2024, an annual summary of the current scientific information about cancer. The report highlighted progress in the five-year relative survival rate of pancreatic cancer while the incidence trend continues to increase year over year. 

While the overall risk of cancer is declining, it remains the second leading cause of death for Americans, behind heart disease. For perspective, pancreatic cancer ranks as the fourth leading cause of cancer-related deaths in US men and the third in US women. 

  • The incidence trend for pancreatic cancer has increased by approximately 1% per year since the 1990s, an estimated 66,440 Americans will be diagnosed in 2024.  
  • The five-year relative survival rate is now 13% – an increase from 12% in 2023.   
  • For the 15% of those diagnosed with localized disease — the five-year survival rate remains at 44%, reflecting no significant change year over year.  

While the increase in the five-year relative survival rate is a cause for celebration, there is still much work to be done. The Lustgarten Foundation is dedicated to addressing the critical need for progress in pancreatic cancer research and will continue to advance lifesaving science toward our mission of transforming pancreatic cancer into a curable disease. 

Pancreatic cancer research is advancing faster than ever before, driving new breakthroughs in early detection, therapeutic development and personalized medicine, giving patients the best chance for survival and quality of life. With the LABS (Lustgarten Advancing Breakthrough Science) Program, a hallmark of Lustgarten’s unique research strategy that provides long-term funding to promote the development of innovative ideas and speed the pace of discovery by incentivizing interdisciplinary team science, highly collaborative research partnerships and a bold, creative approach to understanding and treating this devastating disease, Lustgarten is fueling the research at the center of these transformational developments. Also supported by cutting-edge grant programs such as Innovation and Collaboration Program, Lustgarten Equity, Accessibility, and Diversity (LEAD) Project, Clinical Accelerator Initiative, and the Therapeutics-Focused Research Program, the Foundation is uniquely positioned to innovate and focus on high-risk, high-reward science that will give patients and their families more time together.  

“Research produces real results—and is the only way we will transform pancreatic cancer into a curable disease,” said Linda Tantawi, Lustgarten Foundation CEO. “The projected 182 new patients diagnosed today, tomorrow, and every day this year are relying on us for the potential for more tomorrows; for hope.”  

Join us as we push the boundaries of what’s possible and inspire hope that we WILL transform pancreatic cancer into a curable disease – donate today!  

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