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Early Metastasis


Elucidate and target the molecular dependencies underlying early invasion, dissemination and metastatic growth.


Pancreatic cancer exhibits early metastasis, precluding curative surgical resection and shortening the lifespans of patients. Mechanisms regulating metastasis in pancreatic cancer are not well understood, nor are the features and potential vulnerabilities of metastatic lesions.


Develop a focused research strategy whereby the Foundation will work with leading researchers and support their dedicated efforts to identify the various causes of pancreatic cancer metastasis and to better understand the properties of metastatic lesions.

Targeted Research Areas include, but are not restricted to:

  • Identify metastatic triggers in cancer cells and stroma, as well as systemic triggers.
  • Phenotypic and molecular profiling of pancreatic tumors to identify features and pathways that predict metastatic potential.
  • Develop animal and human models to metastatic phenotypes including pancreatic cancer subtypes and circulating tumor cells.
  • Conduct preclinical proof-of-concept studies that may serve as a step towards clinical translation.

Key Dates

Letter of Intent Due: June 30, 2020 LOI Notification: July 31, 2020 Full Proposal Due: October 1, 2020 Earliest Anticipated Start Date: January 1, 2021 Questions regarding this Request for Proposals should be directed to: Andrew Rakeman, Ph.D. VP, Research [email protected] Apply for Funding

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