World Cancer Research Day

Research is fundamental.  When the Lustgarten Foundation was founded, very little money was invested in pancreatic cancer research and there were virtually no long-term treatment options. In the intervening decades,   the Lustgarten Foundation has been a leading force in every major advancement in pancreatic cancer research – your support has allowed us to forever change the landscape.

A hallmark of the Lustgarten Foundation’s unique research strategy, the Lustgarten Advancing Breakthrough Science (LABS) Program, provides long-term funding to promote the development of innovative ideas and speed the pace of discovery by incentivizing interdisciplinary team science. With our broad vision and dynamic strategy, each of the six institutions in the LABS Program bring unique ideas on how to solve the most challenging problems of pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer is the 3rd leading cause of cancer death in the United States and is projected to be the 2nd by 2030. While the survival rate has improved from 4% in 1998 to 11% in 2022, we are nowhere near where we need to be; and we are no less committed in our fight today than we were nearly 25 years ago.  

World Cancer Research Day originated in 2016 with 5 specific objectives to achieve by 2025: 

  • Increase awareness of the significance of cancer research
  • Establish adequate and lasting financial funding
  • Encourage collaboration on a global scale
  • Teach effective research strategies
  • Encourage the development of cancer research infrastructures in every country

Celebrate World Cancer Research Day, with a donation in support of the world’s preeminent pancreatic cancer researchers and ground breaking research.

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