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Led By Lustgarten: How Research Impacts Patient Care

by Kerri Kaplan Lustgarten was founded on the principle that funding innovative, cutting-edge research is the only way to improve patient outcomes and ultimately turn pancreatic cancer into a curable disease. Dr. Joseph Herman, Vice Chair of Clinical Informatics for Radiation Medicine and Director of Clinical Research Integration at Northwell Health, joined Lustgarten’s Vice President [...]

Earlier Detection – Led By Lustgarten

Lustgarten Foundation-funded science has been a driving force in every major advancement in pancreatic research. We can confidently claim this because the Foundation played a pivotal role in funding the basic science of pancreatic cancer and laid the groundwork for research to follow, including studies on earlier detection. One such Lustgarten-funded study was a 2007 [...]

Accelerating the Pace of Discovery…From Laboratory to Bedside

By Kerri Kaplan As the world’s primary catalyst for pancreatic cancer research, the Lustgarten Foundation funds critical research projects where creative risks yield high rewards. Lustgarten is driving forward basic science that is being translated into potentially life-saving treatment options via the Robert F. Vizza Lustgarten Clinical Accelerator Initiative. Drs. Tyler Jacks and Brian Wolpin, [...]

Expanding the Pipeline of Discovery and Advancing the Development of New Therapies

By Ellen Zimmerman The Therapeutics-Focused Research Program will advance the understanding of the causes and progression of pancreatic cancer and will identify new potential therapies. This grant program will stimulate research to stretch the limits of our current understanding of pancreatic cancer treatment; promote collaboration; and identify novel therapeutic approaches and drug targets. Fifty proposals [...]

Lustgarten-funded Research Leads to Promising New Treatment

New combination of three existing immunotherapy drugs may eliminate pancreatic tumors By Stephanie Elsea When it comes to fighting and destroying infected or diseased cells, T cells are the heroes. The body’s front line of defense, T cells are like soldiers deployed at the first sign of trouble to attack and block cancer cells. But like any hero, T cells can grow tired and lose effectiveness over time. That process is known as exhaustion. Every good military needs a general to determine [...]

Personalized Medicine: Transforming Treatment Inside the Lustgarten Pancreatic Cancer Research Lab at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

By Kerri Kaplan  Score! As hockey teams from the United States and Canada faced off recently to compete for the famed Stanley Cup, the leading cancer organizations in the US and Canada—the Lustgarten Foundation, Stand Up to Cancer, and Pancreatic Cancer Canada team up to fund a breakaway clinical trial to assist and save pancreatic [...]

A Juneteenth Conversation:
Health Disparities in Pancreatic Cancer

By Kerri Kaplan On the heels of Juneteenth being named a federal holiday, Avery Posey, PhD, the inaugural recipient of the Lustgarten Foundation Career Development Award  honoring Congressman John R. Lewis gave an excellent talk on the importance of health equity in pancreatic cancer research and treatment. Black people and African Americans experience both higher incidence and death rates from pancreatic cancer than other populations. There are a variety of causes of health disparities, including behavioral and lifestyle [...]
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