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Remembering Stephen Grand

By Kerri Kaplan, President Stephen Grand: Pancreatic Cancer Fighter and Research Funder Our hearts are broken at the news of the passing of Lustgarten ally and donor, Stephen Grand of Belvedere, CA. A passionate and insightful philanthropist, as well as a pancreatic cancer patient, Steve was in the unique position of understanding the urgency of [...]

Grateful Survivor Shares His Journey in New Book

By Vanessa Steil When Joel Evans went to his endocrinologist in 2015 for what he thought would be a routine visit to monitor his diabetes, it turned into anything but. The findings were alarming—elevated blood work indicating he might be suffering from a serious illness. Joel was shocked. When the diagnosis was pancreatic cancer—a disease [...]

Research + Love =
A Cure

By Joe Barone & Laura Hull This is a story about a family who let love be their guide in the face of daunting obstacles. In 2004, when their beloved mom, Terry Romeo, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, it was the love and support of her husband of more than 50 years, Tony, and her [...]

When the Doctor Becomes the Patient

By Joe Barone For 29 years, Robert Gotlin operated a practice in New York City specializing in musculoskeletal medicine, sports injuries, and orthopedic rehabilitation. Treating two generations of families, Dr. Gotlin was considered their personal ‘family guy,’ not just the sports doc. That’s what made closing up shop much more difficult. Dr. Gotlin battled pancreatitis [...]

PC Research in the time of COVID-19

By Caitlin Kelly – October 22, 2020 Checking in With Our Dedicated Labs As the COVID pandemic began to hit hard earlier this year, researchers working on pancreatic cancer research for the Lustgarten Foundation scrambled to make sense of how to continue their life-saving research. The four Lustgarten Foundation dedicated pancreatic cancer labs—Cold Spring Harbor [...]

Twenty Years of Walking

By Joe Barone - September 14, 2020 Carmela Cettina always stressed the importance of being together. And how ironic, as we find ourselves in uncertain times where being together can only be achieved virtually through a Zoom call, FaceTime, or a drive-by celebration of horn honks and balloons. Even after succumbing to her battle with [...]

Trebek Memoir: Reflections on My Life

By Caitlin Kelly - July, 31, 2020 When you think of historic moments on Jeopardy, it’s usually the final and shocking defeat of a legendary champion, like “Jeopardy James” Holzhauer or Ken Jennings, who each won millions after weeks of play. But it was a soft-spoken college undergraduate from Gainesville, Ga., Dhruv Gaur, whose spontaneous [...]
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